Monday, June 28, 2010

Daisy Doodles "Name Me" Contest

Hi all Ladies....

I must go over to the Daisy Doodles Challenge Blog! This is what our Miss Daisy wrote :

"I need a name for this new release, not my best point lol
I decided to do another 'Name me' challenge with it.
All you have to do to win it, is leave a comment below the post at the Daisy Doodles Challenge blog stating the name you think it should be.

I will name the stamp after the one I like best and send the stamp to the winner,
after announcing the new name.
As I want to get this in store, the challenge will close on Wednesday.
Looking forward to having a hard choice to make :)"

Go on the Blog and answer the Name of this dont know maybe you win this Lovely Images :)

Thanks for looking :)




  1. What a great idea! I think I'll name it " A Bouquet-ful of Thanks!". Beautiful image!! Thanks for alerting me about this, Monika! xo

  2. What a fun idea this is! Thanks for sharing the link, Monika! Hugs to you!

  3. Mmmmmm, have to get my thinking cap on as they say! Thanks for the heads up on this one Monika! Hope you are feeling better soon hun, Jo x

  4. Hmmm! Going to have to give this some thought.

  5. I've thought of some! How about "Blooming Basket", "Basket-ful of Spring" or "Basket of Blooms"?

  6. OOOO - I LOVE this!! I love naming things, my favorite job when I have to name a new recipe! I'll think of something. Thanks sweetie!

  7. Well now I feel pretty silly! I should have read the post properly. I'm off over there now.

  8. trims linknya Nika... cantik banget bunga2nya....

  9. Hi Monika, Hope you will feel better soon! I named it as "blooming with joy/ love/ happiness!

  10. Hi Monika! I hope you feel better today. Thanks for the message. The name for the image I think is: Nature Beauty Basket. Thanks for sharing, hugs from Puerto Rico, Zulma.

  11. It's a gorgeous image Monika! I'll have to try and think up a good name for it! Thanks for the link.

  12. Very daisy or bunga di taman or lovely daisy :)


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Monika R.

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