Friday, May 14, 2010

Birthday card from my Crafting Friends (PART II)

I am so sorry needs so long to make this post..

Now I want to show you another card for my Birthday from my Crafting Friends.

This sweet card is from Lai Yoke, my friend that I know for the first time in Hero Arts Flickr. Thanks Lai Yoke for your lovely card love your soft color on this card.You must be agree that this Images is so so cute.

This beautiful card send from Linda W, I know her also from Hero Arts Flickr. Many thanks Linda for sending me this beautiful card, I love your butterfly really Wonderful. And that Background you made is so pretty. Again many thanks Linda. This is inside of her card ....

This is outside from her card :

This blue lovely card sent from Nancy. I know her through Hero Arts Flickr too...her card is so lovely I love her pretty simplicity of her blue card...many many thanks dear Nancy. She sent me some goodies too...cute and lovely goodies, you are really gorgeous Nancy....

I know Vanessa from Blogger World :) and she is always so lovely give me some nice comment on my card...many thanks Vanessa for being so lovely and send this cute and wonderful card...I am happy to knowing you through Blogger :)

Thanks for Sheila who sent me this lovely card and she is the winner of my Blog candy too...dear Sheila many thanks also for the BOYS Images you sent me those are so cuuute....and your card is adorable I think I never told you I love purple color but you put my fav color there the Images cute...

This lovely flower card I have got from Sue...I know her from HA Flickr and last year we made Monika and Sue´s Bday Athon, (here is Sue cards for me and this is my cards for Sue) we made something different from 1. April until 10 April and we sent our creation to each other...Sue have idea and me too, also every day is one idea, like : first day is my idea and second day is her idea and etc. Many thanks for your lovely card Sue and the goodies inside the envelope :)

I love this sweet purple butterfly card from Tina...I know her from Hero Arts Flickr too...many many thanks dear Tina for the goodies you sent me adorable Images...cant wait to colored the Images you sent me :)

Her name is Vanessa and I know her last year from Hero Arts Flickr and I was so surprise she live also in Germany but we are living not in the same is need 2 Hours to meet her on her city...dear Vanessa many thanks for sending me this lovely card, she is a very talented Card maker you must see Vanessa Blog so many lovely inspiration you can see from her Blog. Thanks also for the goodies dear..

This lovely card I have got from Vera in the USA (she come also from Indonesia like me :) )...I know her also from HA Flickr and now we are on the same team for Digi Doodle Shop Best as Design Team member. Many thanks Vera for this lovely card, I love your butterfly and soft color on your card. The coloring images is Fab and love the sparkle on that flower. You can see more lovely inspiration on Vera Blog :)

This is the last card that I can write on my post from today :)

This lovely flower card is from Yvette I know her also from HA Flickr :) , I love that CB Paper and love the texture on her card and the simplicity of her card...many thanks Yvette...

Today I have a buch of Lovely card sent from lovely friend Eva, Tanika, Jovita, Rieka, Rini, Ayu and Susan sent this together and it needs always a long time to send something from my lovely Indonesia...but I will post tomorrow or on Sunday all your lovely card my dear friends..

I think enough for today...pfuuiih so long Post... LOL

Thanks for looking :)




  1. Dear Monika,
    many thanks for this kind blog post. It is so nice to see my card here.Hugs.

  2. Dear Monika,
    What a pleasant surprise to see my card in your lovely blog. It's so nice to see so many lovely cards you received!
    Lai Yoke

  3. Glad you like the card, Monika! Hugs, Vera.

  4. Monika, you are too sweet and thoughtful. Just like my card says. Thank you for posting my card. So fun to see it here because I forgot what it looked like! LOL! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Nancy

  5. Hi Monika - fun to see all your beautiful birthday cards! Thanks for including mine in your post; I enjoyed making it especially for you!! Linda W.

  6. wow! very pretty cards!! you are so lucky! thanks for sharing!

  7. Congratz Mbak Nika......
    kartunya cantik2.....udah nggak sabar nih nungguin upload kartu2 dr temen2 di Indinesia.....yg pasti nggak kalah bagusnya to....he hehehe......

    hugs hugs hugs....susan quilling

  8. Sweet Monika, thanks for posting about this! I am finally back from Italy! And I am happy to be back... Don't bother about the posting of my blog candy, I put you into the draw! XO Vanessa


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Monika R.

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