Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthday Giveaway

My Birthday Giveaway is CLOSED
the Winner you can see in this Post.
Thanks for your Appreciation and participation.

This is my first ever Giveaway since I start using Blogger :)
I will have my birthday on 10 April 2010. I will be......37 years old....(ooh then I will be 40 in next 3 years....:) )
I am so happy and want to share the love with all of you my Blogger Friends.

The Giveaway Including:

1. Martha Stewart Crafts Confetti.
2. Sharing Sherbet Stamp from POLLYCRAFT DESIGNS = Catch A Falling Star
3. Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inkpad = Pink Pastel
4. Flowers from Fabric.
5. Moon Embelishment from Bali
6. 1 meter x 6 color Ribbon from my Supplies
7. 4x Felt Flower
8. 6x Old Coins Embelishment from Bali
9. 4x Butterflies and 4x flowers made by wood
10. 3x Glitter powder.

To GET/WIN this Giveaway,

1.Please leave a comment on this post until 20 April 2010. I will draw a Winner on 21 April 2010. (you can put also this candy on your Blog side to spread the love, but it is not so notable :) )
2. If you would send a birthday card for me (I will be so happy :) ), I will put your name 2 times, just tell in the comment I will send you a card....I will wait the card until 20 April 2010 or if it is coming late to my home, I still put your name 2 times (I believe you dear lovely friends :) ).... just contact me (email me) and I will emailing you my Address :)

I hope you have a sunny and happy day, thanks for visiting my Blog :)




  1. Happy Birthday in advance Monika. Wonderful blog candy...yummy ribbons. I will be on holidays from 10th. till 26th. April. Have fun on your b'day.

  2. Happy Birthday in advance, Monika!! you are so sweet to offer a candy!! =)

  3. How very generous Monika. I have made you a card already - it is ready to post tomorrow.... I hope you will like it... little hint... it is your favourite colour!!!!!!
    Hugs Dawn

  4. Sending you earlier birthday wishes, hope you have wonderful day Monika :)

  5. What a great birthday blog candy.... that is very nice of you to offer for your friends.....


  6. oh how kind of you monkia ~what a lovely idea ~ofcause i will send you a card ~please e-mail your address to me ~with easter holidays it could take a while to get to you
    vanessa xx

  7. happy birthday and tthank you. anita.

  8. Hi Monika - how sweet of you to offer candies - they look so pretty! I will send birthday card right away; I have your address from Deborah's card chain. Wishing you a wonderful birthday! ScrappinBari (Linda W.)

  9. Monika,
    When time comes, Happy Birthday :),
    Hope you have many, thanks for thinking of us on your birthday!!

  10. Happy Early Birthday Monika!!!!

  11. Hi Monika! HAppy Birthday coming! You look so much younger than 37! I have a little birthday card and package heading to you soon this next week; life has been so busy in March! You are too sweet and generous sharing all your blog candy treasures!

  12. Happy Early Birthday Monika! 37 ... so young! I'll be celebrating my 34 wedding anniversary on the 10th of april.

  13. I knew I loved you for a reason! My birthday is April 12th!!! Some day, when we meet, we'll celebrate together. You are SUCH a beautiful person....thank you for sharing your blog candy! xoxoxo

  14. Love your blog Monika! Happy Birthday to you :) Best wishes on you B-day :) Cheers, Nat

  15. Monika, Just got your snail mail you sent, as it is the 5th today, I don't know how quickly this will get to you, but I am taking it to the post office in about 10 minutes.
    So we can hope!! Have a great day and the card is on its way.
    I also flickr mailed you my address as you requested.

  16. Hope you have a FABULOUS Birthday Monika!!! You are so sweet for doing this! :)

  17. HAPPY HAPPY birthday, Monika! I just want to wish you very special birthday! xo

  18. Hey Monica,

    Thanks for sharing your love on my post..... It means a lot.... I don ever stand to win any candies... So I do not ever attempt..... But I was glad u came by because that introduced your lovely space & creations to me, which I would have missed otherwise...... I loved the cards u made & the ones flaunted on behind your Header Title.... Awesome cutie pis...they all are.... Kudos!!!! & CHEERS!!!!


  19. Happy Birthday, Monika!
    I just found your blog today, and My! I love your cards.
    I made cards and some paper crafts too, but haven't got time to make it again now. after peeking at your blog, I think I'll start making some soon.


  20. Happy Birthday...lots of April babies :) (My daughter as well)

  21. Hi Monika

    Thank you for your lovely message on my blog. I will put your Birthday candy on my side bar and I would love to send you a card ;-)

    You can email me your address at

    Happy Birthday my lovely blogging friend!

    Sarah x

  22. Hello Monika,

    I'll send you a birthday card today and I'm sorry for being so late!

    Enjoy your birthday!

    Lai Yoke

  23. Monika, what a lovely thought for this gift away.
    Count me twice, because your b'day card is on the way. (I forgot to give you my gift when I was there)

  24. Mbak.....senengnya.....akhirnya ada challenge di hari yang special Mbak Nika.......
    SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN.......semoga jejak langkahmu yang ini dan ke-38,39,40 dan selanjutnya akan membawamu terbang pada kesuksesan dan kebahagiaan yang luar biasa, bersama dengan keluarga tercinta.......

    Tunggu kartu2 kami ya Mbak......kami dr Indonesia punya special card buat mbak Nika......Tungguuuuuuuuuuu..........he he he.....


  25. Monika, you already saw your birthday card on my FB, and I've put it on my blog and the card is on the way to your home.... big hugs, have a blessed birthday!!

  26. dear: Sister Nika....

    finally, I finished this card....

    birthday card for you

    big kiss and hugs:
    Susan Quilling-Indonesia

  27. Happy B'day Mba Nika...
    wish U all the best :)
    panjang umur, sehat selalu...
    semoga ditahun yang akan datang Mba Nika semakin kreatif, semakin banyak koleksi stamp nya & ga bosen untuk terus berkarya...

    kartu nya nyusul ya, masih belum sempet buat... ^_^

  28. Monika, You have some lovely goodies there - must be fab craft stores near where you live. Please may I go in the draw and I will send you a birthday card. Please email me your address asap. email is

    Have a fab weekend Monika, love Sheila X

  29. Hope you have a very Happy, Happy Birthday....
    You say its your birthday....happy birthday to ya!
    Great goodie giveaway.

  30. Happy birthday again mba Nika.
    Here is my card for you.. (mudah2an ga telat yah.. disini masih tanggal 20 kok..hehehe)


I really appreciate your comments, thank you so much for taking the time to visit my Blog :)

Monika R.

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