Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Birthday Giveaway Winner

I am so sorry that I am too late to write the winner from my Birthday Giveaway...(it is already 20.48 in Germany)

First of all many many thanks to all ladies that sent me a sweet, pretty and adorable card for my Birthday.I am so sorry...I cant put all of the Photo of your cards in my Blog, but I really love all your cards...all makes my day brighter :)

I have put all the name and 2 times for all ladies who will or already sent me a card....

Here is the said :

The name number 41 is........


Congratulation for Sheila....I will send you the Giveaway cause I have already get your address on the card you have sent me.. :)

To all ladies...many thanks for joining and participating on my Birhtday Giveaway...without you my Blog is empty.....I really thanks for all of your appreciation.....(I am so sorry with my bad English :) )




  1. "Congratulation to Sheila....."

    Thanks so much Sista Monika for this chance to followed your birthday giveaway......

  2. Wow Monika, I cannot believe I have won your beautiful giveaway and I will be watching eagerly for the postman to bring it to me.....
    Thank you so much, love Sheila:)X

  3. Congrats, Sheila...

    Nika, sering-sering ya, bikin giveaway...hehe..


I really appreciate your comments, thank you so much for taking the time to visit my Blog :)

Monika R.

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